Accounting software
For many small and mid-size businesses, choosing and implementing accounting software can be a real challenge.  We are a QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions provider and can work with you to ensure a smooth transition to an accounting system that meets the needs of your business. We will work with you to define a project implementation plan that meets your goals. All aspects of your project are considered and planned, including resources, timelines, and tools. Our philosophy is to work together with you to identify what tasks need to be completed, who is best to complete those tasks, and the timeframe  in which the tasks should be completed. We bring years of experience to your project, a deep understanding of technology, and a proven track record of project management.


POS software
QuickBooks Point of Sale is an affordable, easy-to-use retail management software that replaces your electronic cash register and tracks your inventory, sales and customer information. It’s faster to learn and easier to use than other programs. It works alone or together with QuickBooks Financial Software for an integrated, complete retail accounting solution. QuickBooks Point of Sale also provides up-to-date, insightful reports to help you manage your business, save time, serve your customers better, and is available with a complete set of retail hardware guaranteed to work together.

We are currently offering commercial-grade cloud based and local backup services from MozyPro.  Other solutions are available depending on your specific infrastructure.  While local and off-site backup of your critical line of business data is of paramount importance to ensure continuity in case of disasters, equally important is ensuring that the service is performing its duty daily.  Our V-Comp Computer Guardian Service includes daily monitoring by a technician who will notify you in case of a backup failure.  We can then help you get back on track by addressing the issue that caused the failure.

Credit card processing
Our experience has lead us to the best credit card processing, Mercury Payment Solutions. the original innovator of integrated payments technology tailored for the small to medium business market. The integration solutions Mercury has to offer adds value and marketing power­ to your POS offering too. Make your POS, ecommerce and business management software a one-stop merchant solution. Mercury’s full suite of secure integration solutions can reduce or remove the scope of compliance for payment application developers and service providers.

Utility Integration
We have a deep knowledge of QuickBooks and the capabilities of its software add-ons. Because we understand the huge potential of QuickBooks, we are able to be realistic about the functionality it can provide a company — and we also can identify the times when it may not be the best solution. We will work with you to define your company’s requirements and match those requirements to the potential of QuickBooks solutions and solutions with add-ons.